Funny quotes about studying

Funny quotes about studying

In morning,we say we will study at night and at night,we say we will study in morning..
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Fast studying: I study for minutes, then take breaks for hours...

About research: stealing ideas from one person is plagiarism. Stealing from many people - research.

About studying: I believe the word 'studying' was made from two words 'students dying'...

About speed reading: I took the speed reading course and then finished novel 'War and Peace' in 20 minutes. It's about Russia. - Woody Allen

An encyclopedia is a system of dust collecting in alphabetical order.

There are 3 types of people: ones who can count and ones who can't. Which of the 3 are you?

In Class: 'I'll do this at home.'
At Home: 'I'll do this in class.'

In grade school I was smart, but I didn't have friends. In high school I quit being smart and started finding friends.

Studies show that it's enough for me just to say "studies show" and that makes it true.

I wish I could go to school without studying and only have fun with friends.

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