A spell for all game

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Kurndorf was killed and the cult disbanded. Many, many spelling errors fixed. Sir Ronald — speaking to him about the charm spell now has alternatives. In future it will be a path selection event. Transform — All alternate models for characters can be swapped using the Transform spell, including Jenny and Pamela merged in from Severn Valley Model Choice — Zoey has a new alternate model, Riley Reid, mostly imported from images in the Bologna44 mod.

A spell for all game

Selected on first meeting Zoey. Transform spell can switch models as above.

A spell for all game

Model Choice — Nurse Megan has a new alternate model, an old-school model Farrah, submitted by a fan. Selected on first meeting Nurse Megan at the hospital or pool. Transform — Mayor Thomas can be transformed to a male and visa versa. Can also select to start the game as male. Currently this is essentially an image only change, no other reactions aside from the transform itself.

Currently events with Bambi are unaffected but few are distinct for her age. In her younger form she can become pregnant in the end game. The Salons mod is removed. New People — Ash is merged in a spell for all game the Bologna44 mod v2. She is semi-hidden and accessed slightly differently to the mod. New People — Karma is merged in from the Bologna44 mod v2, and she is semi-hidden and accessed slightly differently to the mod. She also has a new girlfriend charm. New People — Lola is merged in from the Bologna44 mod v2.

She has a new girlfriend charm and in this version she can do dominant bondage scenes on Gina. The slave charm has her do submissive bondage scenes. New People — Savanna is merged in from the Bologna44 mod v2. She has a new girlfriend charm with different sex scene in that case and charm scene. Updated to support a female player. New People — Melanie is merged in from the Bologna44 mod v2, accessed after meeting Kylie a couple of times outside.

Note: due to her extreme slave charm you cannot recharm her. New People — Betty is merged in from the Bologna44 mod v2, accessed after an event with Victoria and after meeting Mrs Tanika. She has an alternate girlfriend charm. Note: the hucow farm is not ported Elian — resolution to the pact and after events.

A spell for all game

Three pacts possible, love-slave, demon bride, servant. Kylie has a new option at the pool after you receive her bondage SMS. Places — an abandoned cabin that cannot be found by normal means. Associated with Karma now. Creatures — Non-human beings can be disabled, except demons and the ghost of Kurndorf.

A spell for all game

It will remove Lilith and Keana from the game but not Elian. Layout — Some general layout changes to address better mobile support. All items lying in areas are moved into the main area, not the right column. Item popups also altered a bit. Player — Added a generic shilouette avatar option for the player character Pregnancies — Added pregnant images for Louise, Ash, Karma, Lola, Melanie, Savanna, Sister Desiree, Betty, Nurse Megan and some of the nuns at the church if the cult is in progress.

Mia as noted above once transformed gets a pregnant scene. Aunt Brandi — Visit and charm your Aunt. This version resets any existing save games to restart any events related to her. Currently 12 nuns but not fully characters, charm scenes and encounters in the main area of the church.

Largely just additional image variations. Sounds — Some minor sound effects added, mainly around phone calls and SMS messages Walkthrough — Updated with notable new events. Amongst others for Mia, Zoey, Madison, Nina, Keana — end game pregnant scenes for Victoria and Nella Victoria image by wasser — additional image variations for Mom, including new introduction image. Most new images are for hardcore scenes, male and female, some by wasser — some new image variants for Tracy including her initial introduction, TV images and harcore images for sex scenes.

Notably some issues for Angelica and some incorrect hyperlinks in the game. Images are lower-resolution and Kate is edited in via head-swap edits — Some events returning to Sarah with the Vampire. Lauren will refuse to be fed on, a bit different between murder and apprentice paths — Threesomes with Sarah and vampire Lilith.

All images edited — Additional explicit image variants for Sarah charmed including strap-on images and a tit-fuck scene. Altered the display to be in a spell for all game iFrame to try to address a display issue for an Android device.

A spell for all game

Can still be opened externally of the game — Altered some of the text around the start of the Elian events to encourage hydromancy and made learning hydromancy easier. Tanika, chosen at first meeting or via cheat menu. Also add a titfuck scene. As part of this also altered how your bedroom is displayed with the different combinations of visitors — Optional alternate model for Gina, chosen at first encounter or via cheat menu.

New bath scene for her after the start of them, and also the pool and poledance scenes can be randomly seen again, with new text and alternate images. Note: popup inventory was discontinued — Better handling for alternate images and error handling. Also handles differing aspect ratios better — Android apk version — Additional endgame pregnant scenes for Elian, Donna, Pamela, Madison, Zoey, Nina, Hannah and Camryn — Additional image variations for some minor places like tv viewing, pool, strip-club.

Also more image variations for Ms. Also added for Mrs Granger bondage. Also a PC to male transformation but do not expect people to react to this yet. Written by Northwind — Additional BE images for Madison including pool sex, home strip-tease, bed ish. Also some head-swap fakes for some strap-on sex scenes. Additionally a pool-side strap-on image. You can now transform her at home. Thressome scenes with Nina, using model Sonja Adams. Not all just a selection so far but notably Mom and Tracy — Expanded scenes for John and Tess at their home, also by Northwind.

Note, you can get kicked out and option locked out for Tess. These are for a while, a SMS from Tess will arrive after a time. An image for vampire Tina swapped. Added a hardcore fake for Tina. More changes are needed this is an initial change A couple of initial events when invisible with the extended training. Some a spell for all game with Lilith on her and invisibility Endgame changes, pregnant scenes for Alison, Jenny. Do note given the range of choices for her blonde, brunette, charmed, uncharmed there are not as wide a range of image variations as I would like, more may be added later.

Most text for sex scenes are place holder — post charm events for Charlie. Titus — new female player avatar Dakota Skye — small scene for Elian, and one for thrall Sera — Zoey has an apartment — hint added to the first meeting with Alison. This is largely a bug fix and expansion of There were small features added and some story progression issues fixed.

A spell for all game

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