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By: Uncle Willie. This is a story about sexual relations between consenting adults and minors. It is your responsibility to leave, and it asstr game your choice to stay. The author assumes no liability for persons accessing and reading his stories illegally. The author wishes nothing but pleasure in the reading of his work to anyone regardless of location or demographic. As always, if you enjoy this story and others like it, please donate to ASSTR to help ensure that there is always a place to come to enjoy them. Go to:. This is a literary story that is partly-based in truth and partly in fantasy.

The names have been changed to protect the identities of the participants. It is up to you, the reader to decide where reality ends and fantasy begins. Please enjoy. As an undergraduate, I was required to take some core courses that were outside of my proposed major in psychology. One of these courses that I was compelled to take, American Literature, was taught by a woman named Dr.

Samantha Dover. Because I have always enjoyed reading, particularly classic literature, this class was one in which I excelled. This endeared me to the professor who had me over to her house for dinner with her family — her husband, Allen and year-old daughter, Michelle. I got to know the family pretty well that semester, so much so, the following semester she called me in my dorm room to ask a favor.

Would you be able to come over and stay with Michelle? I figured she knows you and it would be easier for her if she knew the person staying here with her. When should I be there? As I pulled up four minutes later, Dr. Dover and her husband were heading out the front door to their car. Make yourself at home. Her light brown hair streamed behind her as she ran to me and jumped toward me.

Her arms flew around my neck, her legs wrapped around my waist, and reflexively, my hands went to her small rounded butt to hold her up from falling. She hugged herself to me for longer than I expected. I reluctantly set her down.

She was nearly eighty pounds and the way I was holding her was getting awkward. Since I met her last semester, I found out just how attractive young girls were to me. I think it was the way her green eyes sparkled when her smile popped between the tiny dimples in her cheeks. Being ten, she showed no s of womanly development, yet, there was a precociousness about her that made her seem somehow older than she was.

Those characteristics were what I think really attracted me to her. The last time I had seen her two months earlier, I was over later than normal, and it was nearing her bedtime. While her parents and I talked, she was in her room changing into her pajamas. When she came back to say goodnight, I was speechless. Her pajamas were a pink and white pajama shirt and shorts set. Both were tight in spots and loose in others, but the tight spots were across her chest and right at her crotch.

It seemed her parents took no notice of what that pajama set displayed as they kissed her asstr game turn. She came over and sweetly planted her soft lips on my cheek. My cock rapidly inflated thinking about what other parts of my body I would have liked to have felt her soft lips on. She turned asstr game walked back to the stairs. From that angle, I got a good look at asstr game small butt jiggling and I could easily make out her panty line — hipsters by the angle they left her butt and hit her hip. What color are they? I wondered.

Asstr game

Now, two months later, I was alone with her, and this still gorgeous girl wants to play a game. My jaw dropped and my eyes opened a bit wider. Uh, yeah. Pretty please? Her request had gotten me hard, and now she was pressing her body into my rigid member. I can feel it.

Asstr game

You want to play, huh? She grabbed my hand and led me to their dining room table. I took the cards out of the box and started to explain to her what the object was. Luckily, inside the box was a card that listed the strength of the poker hands which made teaching her that much easier. For each hand that was listed on the card, I would pull out the cards and show her what they looked like.

I asstr game the likelihood of getting each hand and how one had to consider what hand they were going to try to get. She giggled. I dealt the cards and ended up with two pair in my hand. Michelle picked up her cards, looked at the poker hands card to consider what she had. She bit her bottom lip as she intently studied her hand. She discarded three cards, and I dealt three more to her. I got rid of one, but still wound up with two pair.

The one with the best hand is the winner of that hand. I used the reference card to show her how her hand beat mine. This time, I asstr game her deal. She dealt me shit — no face cards, no aces, nothing. The closest I had was three diamonds. I went with it hoping for a flush. I discarded two. She discarded four cards. She dealt the cards again. I smiled. I got my diamond flush. I laid the cards out for her to see. She laid out her cards showing only a pair of queens. She looked at the reference card and my hand.

Asstr game

Then at her hand and back to the reference card. Does that mean you win? I nodded and smiled. What do we do? She blushed and giggled as I shuffled the cards. I had her cut when I finished shuffling. I dealt out five cards to each of us, and we both picked up our cards. I had dealt myself a full house. I was harder than I had been in a long time.

Asstr game

I realized I was now going to get to see her naked and possibly more. I had to control myself or my horniness was going asstr game cost me the game. I dealt the two cards to her and let her arrange her cards. I showed her my cards and pointed to Full House asstr game the reference card. Her eyes got big. She stood in front of me and I looked her up and down. She was in a t-shirt, jean shorts, and socks that I could see. I decided to play nice for now. As much as I wanted to see her expose the good stuff, I had a little self-control. She looked relieved, and pulled her socks off her feet.

Her toes were painted with lilac purple nail polish and were perfectly angled from large to small. She sat back down, and I gave her the cards to deal. She looked at me questioningly. She took the cards, shuffled them, and dealt them out for us. I got a pair of kings but not much else. I discarded three, and she discarded only one after looking at the reference card. She dealt me three more and one to herself. I got another king in the deal. I had her again. I looked up at her, and she was smiling a huge smile. I stood up in front of her, wondering what was going through her mind, secretly hoping I would lose my pants and give my hard cock some breathing room.

She put a finger to her chin and twisted her lips as if she was deep in thought.

Asstr game

I took a deep breath and pulled my socks off. I threw them at her and hit her in the face. I sat down and picked up the cards and shuffled them again. Nice Guy. You are!

Asstr game

I dealt out the hand, and, setting the deck down, I picked up my cards. I had to bite my cheek to keep a straight face. I dealt a straight flush to myself. The only thing that could beat my hand was a royal flush.

My softening cock got hard again quickly anticipating what I would be seeing next. I dealt two to her and set the deck down. Her eyes got bigger when she heard that. Beat that. I laid down one card at a time — 4 of clubs, the 5, 6, 7.

Asstr game

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