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Readers are permitted to keep a copy for their own personal reference, but this story must not be reposted or in any other way distributed, in any form, without the express permission of the author via the e-mail address given. We lived next door to each other during most of primary school. While both of us have moved a few times since, we always lived not far from each other until we finished university.

Now asstr games are in our late twenties and live in different cities. But during the period of time I am going to tell you about when we were in our late teens we were living with our respective families in the same suburb. Andrew and I have always been thought of as being like twins. We hung out together all the time at school, to the point that I doubt people could think of us as separate people. As for our relationships with our classmates, we got on well with most people. Our high school was a surprisingly friendly place. We had good senses of humour, and most people thought we were a bit of a laugh.

We got good grades, and I guess we were a bit nerdy, but the teasing we got was fairly good-natured. One time we were actually bullied by a couple of jerks for a few weeks. Nothing dramatic happened to end it — it just became obvious that everyone else wanted us left alone, and we asstr games fine after that. The thing was, during the first few years of high school, Andrew and I were both becoming shorter. More accurately, we were both late developers. Our male classmates were all getting taller, deeper voices, pubic hair, and girlfriends. Andrew and I were being left behind according to all these criteria.

As can often happen, people stopped taking us seriously.

Asstr games

None of them seemed to consider the idea of dating either of us. At the start of our second last year asstr games high school, when we had both just turned 16, people would mistake us for 13 or Then part way through that year puberty caught up with Andrew, but it was quite a few more agonising months before I started seeing any changes in myself.

By that time, the die seemed cast. I started to think of myself as a nice, good-humoured, reasonably well liked freak - a misfit, doomed to be one of those childlike men. In the end, we both ended up being asstr games tall, and I guess reasonably good looking. However, by habit as much as anything, our place on the fringe of the social scene remained much the same. My friendship with Andrew was still good, but I wondered if it would survive a looming threat. You see, at the start of our final year in high school, Andrew got himself a girlfriend.

Michelle was gorgeous. She was a year younger than us, and went to the local single-sex school. She was petite, with longish wavy auburn hair. She reminded me a lot of Alyson Hannigan. She was full of life, with a great sense of humour. She could be cheeky and playful at times, while at other times hold her own in intelligent conversations. To be honest, I was incredibly jealous of Andrew, as I knew I was developing a strong crush on his girl.

Asstr games

One moment among many stands out in my mind. A simple moment, over in a few seconds. One day, when Michelle was wearing a simple outfit of jeans and a shirt, she crouched down to pick the TV remote up off the floor and I could clearly see the top of a g-string pop up over the top of her jeans. My heart seemed to stop, and I had to fight hard to control my breathing. On a girl who in all other respects seemed so innocent, the sight of it was unbearably sexy. I had never imagined she would wear anything other than plain sensible underwear, maybe with a bit of lace, or with pictures of flowers or hearts.

No other image since then of a woman in a g-string has ever matched that moment for its sheer intensity. When I say Michelle seemed innocent, that was true. She and Andrew were unbearably cute at times. They would hold hands when walking or watch movies with their arms round each other, asstr games they would tickle each other and have play fights. They would give each other little kisses, but nothing long or intense when I was around. Sometimes I would be included in the tickling or play fights, which only increased the feelings of torment I was feeling.

As for other activities between the two of them, I had absolutely no idea. Andrew never mentioned anything to me, and although I was incredibly curious about what was going on, I could never ask him about it. However, this asstr games not the case. I saw a great deal of both of them. One reason for this was that I had a car.

Since I was thirteen I had been working holidays at a retail store managed by my uncle, stacking shelves to start with before slowly graduating to customer service.

Asstr games

Somehow it seemed safer to her even with just one other guy tagging along. Little did I know although subconsciously a large part of me hoped that these relationships would lead to my first ificant sexual experiences. The turning point came when the three of us went camping after the end of the school year.

I guess there was no problem with Andrew and I going. We were eighteen, and although we still lived under the watchful eye of our parents, we had both just finished high school and were going to university next year.

However, she and Andrew had been going out for almost a year, and absolutely no alarm bells had been ringing. There was no of drugs or drinking. The three of us had been hanging out together for much of the year, and we just seemed so tame, that our plan to go camping just flew in under the radar. At eighteen, Andrew and I are legally allowed to buy alcohol.

However, for our trip we decided to buy a crate of beers and some wine to help enhance the feeling that we were letting our hair down and leaving our childhoods behind. Although New Zealand is renowned for its many beautiful tramping tracks, we were driving all the way to our camping spot.

Asstr games destination was an inland lake that has a dirt road around the edge of most of it. There are a few established camping spots with tap water and rudimentary toilets, but there are plenty of great spots in other places where you can be alone. We pitched our three-man tent and connected up our fluorescent light and small camping fridge to the car battery.

Although we had a gas cooker, we still built a campfire to sit around at night. Sadly, because of my job, we were only there for two nights. Things were going from bad to worse. We spent most of the first afternoon in our swimsuits, and Michelle looked simply luscious in her bikini.

It was a fluorescent green that constantly drew the eye to it. The triangles that made up the top were ideal for displaying her moderate sized breasts, and while the top seemed well lined, the bulge caused by her nipples could sometimes be detected. The sense of freedom we were all feeling was having an effect on my friends. There was a fair amount of play fighting in the water involving us all, but mostly between the two of them. At one point that afternoon I suggested we crack open our first cans of beer, which I went to get out of the cooler. I desperately wished it were me, not Andrew, kissing and fondling her there in asstr games water.

There was a few seconds of awkward silence when they became aware of my return. Asstr games Michelle giggled, pushed Andrew away, and grabbed a beer out of my hand. Andrew was blushing. Things were relatively normal for the rest of the evening. We got dressed before dinner and had a few drinks, but our conversations became silly, not sexual. As the fire died down, we started talking about plans for going to bed.

Specifically, we were planning asstr games we would get changed and into our sleeping bags modestly. The consensus was that Michelle would get changed first, and then we would trust her to not peek at us while we changed. So Michelle ventured into the tent. There was the unmistakable image of her pulling her top off over her head and then undoing her bra. For a few brief seconds she turned side on, and the shadow from her breasts was heart stopping. I was transfixed. At this point Andrew coughed meaningfully — I was caught.

And secondly, it was very weird to know that all Michelle had to do was roll over in order to see me change. Just as I was pulling my underpants off, suddenly Michelle whistled. I look up startled, but Michelle was still facing the wall, giggling quietly to herself. She had been having us on, and her timing had been incredible.

Asstr games

Andrew turned the light out and we made ourselves comfortable in our beds. Naturally enough, Andrew was sleeping in the middle. Despite the beers, I was too asstr games edge to sleep as I ran through the events of the day in my mind. I could picture Michelle in her bikini, and her silhouette on the tent wall. I even recalled the times when she wandered off into the bushes to relieve herself. The knowledge that she was doing something so intimate, in the outdoors, such a short distance away with just a few shrubs separating us, was for me incredibly sexy.

My penis was rock hard, and my hand was absent-mindedly stroking it. As I lay there, I became aware of other noises coming from my companions. They were obviously trying extremely hard not to make any sound, but they were given away by some quiet but steadily rhythmical rustling of their sleeping bags, and some irregularities with their breathing, with the occasional quiet gasp.

Asstr games

I did not hear whether or not anyone else got off that night. The intensity of my climax, together with the effects of the alcohol catching up with me, meant that I fell asleep almost immediately, despite my wet sleeping bag. When I awoke the next morning, Andrew and Michelle were sleeping soundly.

Asstr games

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