Furry rpg games

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In the last year the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community has increasingly been the target of hate and violence, with the recent shooting being only the most recent and horrific example. RPGnet stands in solidarity with that community. We all have an obligation to stand up against racism and bigotry in all its forms. Furry RPG list. Thread starter Almafeta Start date May 27, Tags furries. Almafeta New member Banned. Because I'm bored, a list of every 'furry' RPG I can think of, rated from five-paws very furry to one-paw has a couple of furry elements.

Games are rated on furriness, not on quality. Plus, you have this really great post-apocalyptic storyline to work with, and discussions on how a mostly-animal society would work not enough, but you get some good ideas in there. There are dozens of races, all furry, and the races have roles in both the settings and the system, rather than being packages of modifiers.

Furry rpg games

Rodents are rodents, predators are predators, and Man is deadly and dangerous. I was given a free copy to review, and I never did review it Other themes include totemism, family both appreciating your normal family, and finding family in othersand rediscovering spirituality, the wild, and one's own true nature.

Supplements included other wereraces, until it started getting silly. A ninja!

Furry rpg games

Not five-stars because of its use of Instant Fuzion, but otherwise, a well-thought-out game. Although the choices are extremely limited, because it's slightly more flexible with 'covert', 'moderate', and 'overt' versions of the moreaus and the background is better fleshed out, it's worth an extra paw. Also has extensive, well-researched guidelines for making new GURPS races out of animals or from scratch. And you can import stuff from most Palladium games in -- Rifts has become the Palladium metasetting, more or less -- so you could have a ninja vixen in a Flying Titan battlesuit.

In other areas, illusion performances and 'shapedancing' becoming partly or fully animal as you dance are new magical performing arts. The new edition will have furries in space as PCs -- well, assuming it ever comes out. Interesting, but hard details are hard to come by. Also, the 'near-human' race furry rpg games for considerable leeway; if you're a 'near-human' because you have wolf fur, or cat ears and a tail, it works just as if you were near-human because your race has purple skin.

Let me tell you about my skunk smuggler sometime! There's an okay Unisystem version and an excellent d6 version. I haven't been able to read it yet. Based on BESM. It's for Action! Based on the Heartquest system. I don't remember reading about them, but with all the crazy stuff Witchcraft has, who knows? Ordinary neighborhood dogs and cats, with special powers, but otherwise ordinary pets. I think it's more of a satire than anything else.

Edited a third time to add JAGS to the list. Last edited: May 28, No love for Star Wars? Godfather Punk said:. I stand corrected What about the Bast in WitchCraft?

Furry rpg games

Grey Runners in SpellSlinger? Apes in Tera Primate?

Furry rpg games

Last edited: May 27, Inamoena Tempora Cheshire Cat. Though I agree, the latter probably aren't that furry Validated User. I want, nay, need to know details! I don't care if it's crappier than Cyborg Commando, I must have it! I think your definition of "furry RPG" is too all-encompassing. MOST games have furry elements in them. You might as well throw in Cyberpunk for the fashion furry mods in Chromebook 2. But obviously your whole post is worthless anyway, if you only gave Usagi Yojimbo 4 paws. Cessna Not a mod.

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Furry rpg games

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Furry role-playing games