Harem heroes gameplay

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Tweet Blog Reddit. If you are looking to jump into the crazy erotic universe known as Harem Heroes you are going to need a few pointers and a basic understanding of the games main features. In this short guide we will examine them and make you familiar with the most important items. This RPG is filled with tons of uncensored hentai sex content but it is also an intricate gaming experience and there are some thing you should know.

Harem heroes gameplay

The Harem area is where all of your Haremettes are located. These are the hot hentai girls you have recruited through out the games main quest to be in your harem. In this area not only can you view their money and income stats but you also can: When their timer is finished harem heroes gameplay produce money for you and you should check back regularly to collect it as it is your mains source of funds.

Clicking on the "stars" on the right side will allow you to view all of the unlocked scenes for her at your will Leveling up your girls Your girls level will naturally increase as your own level does. Each and every time you level up your girls will gain max level increase. If you want to level up one of your girls you will want to get her some XP. In order to gain her XP you can buy her some books at the market or show your superiority by winning PVP battles.

Leveling up a girl takes a certain amount of XP which is dependent on the given level of the girl.

Harem heroes gameplay

The higher the level she is the more XP it will take to reach the next level. If you add all of the levels up of all of the girls in your harem you will arrive at what is called your "harem level". It is this that ranks you in the tower of fame and adds points to your total ego.

The Main Adventure The main adventure in the harem heroes gameplay is the games campaign mode. Unlike most games where you play the campaign to earn basic items and currency for other parts of the game Harem Heroes is in reverse. You must keep in mind that in order to complete the stages of this campaign it will require a set amount of currency, energy, and even in some cases a special item. To make sure you are prepared and that you do not waste your time, here is a list of the worlds within the adventure and exactly what is required to finish each one.

Of the 4 different kinds of missions you will be offered 3 of each.

Harem heroes gameplay

These missions can last various amount of times anywhere from 1 minutes to 5 minutes and even as long as 15 minutes. While engaged in the missions you are required to wait out the allotted time and wait for it to end in order to collect the rewards for that mission.

The time given to complete the missions is completely random. If you successfully complete a mission you may be rewarded with XP, Money, and even equipment and gifts. You rewards will be higher in value depending on your current level. If you successfully finish all of your daily missions within that day you will get a bonus reward of 25 Kobans. Harem Heroes Contests The contests in the game are missions with a leaderboard within the community.

The higher you manage to reach on that leaderboard at the harem heroes gameplay of the contest the better your rewards will be. Every contest within the period will reward you points if you successfully complete various objectives such as defeating bosses, being the victor in PVP battles, managing your stamina in adventure mode, winning at Pachinko, and even donating.

Harem heroes gameplay

At any given time up to 3 total contest mission will be available simultaneously and the moment one ends a new one will appear. The contest missions will generally last anywhere from 24 to 96 hours. Battles The team you take into battle is made up of your hero and 3 of your hot hentai harem girls. These 3 girls represent an alpha, a beta, and an omega At the start of the battle only your alpha girl will contribute any stats however if you give her an orgasm you will make it possible for the other girls to step in and contribute.

Your team brings with it 7 stats such as attack, power, defense vs hardcore, defense vs charm, defense vs know how, ego, and excitation and harmony. Out of all of those stats only the first 4 have minimum and maximum values. Battle Mechanics In this game "attack" is the same thing as "damage dealt" would be in a normal game. Additionally "ego" is the same thing as "HP" in most games.

While you are in combat it all starts out with you dealing out damage to the enemies ego. If they survive the initial attack with ego to spare they will return damage to your ego and this will go back and forth until one team has zero ego. The team that runs out of ego first loses. Tower of Fame In the tower of fame is refreshed every 24 hours. The main purpose of the tower is to provide global and national leaderboards.

In addition you can also: View your own rank browse the leaderboard Find a specific player via name and or rank View a more detailed profile of a particular player Issue a challenge to another player Pachinko Here you can spend either money or Kobans at a chance to gain a large assortment of items Excluding the girls you gain for your harem in the adventure here harem heroes gameplay have a chance to gain some rare girls to add to your team You will never be rewarded with a girl you already have or if you have them all you will be rewarded with a rare legendary item Harem heroes gameplay certain girls can ONLY be obtained via Pachinko.

Harem heroes gameplay

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Harem Heroes