Perverted games

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South Park. Cotswold is at a loss for how to stop the bullies and decides to pull Mark out of public school. Kyle and Rebecca play 'Doctor' upstairs. Cotswold Rebecca Doctors. Watch Full Episode. South Park S1 E It's Valentine's Day and Mr. Garrison is out for surgery. Ellen is the beautiful substitute. South Park S2 E Stan's parents treat themselves to movies and milkshakes while Stan gets stuck with homework in the hospital.

South Park S3 E5. The boys pit Tweek and Craig against each other, and they agree to fight.

Perverted games

Adler has some flashbacks of his former love. Adler introduces the boys to shop class and tries to figure out who the biggest trouble maker is. A fight breaks out at Tweek and Craig's fight announcement. The ladies learn invaluable lessons in Home Ec.

Adler has trouble keeping tabs on the kids when he gets lost in his memories. Choise thinks Kenny should transfer into shop class.

Perverted games

The girls can't wait to see the fight. South Park S3 E Letting the home school kids go to the spelling bee was a bad idea. Now, Mark wants to go to public school and Kyle is smitten with Rebecca. Kyle explains the nature of love and mating in public school to Rebecca.

Perverted games

They kiss and Rebecca likes it. South Park S4 E3. Timmy gets excused from homework based on his diagnosis. When the class hears this, they all start claiming to have ADD as well. South Park S4 E6. The class has a substitute teacher and perverted games boys have fun with him. The teacher has them make a get-well card for Kyle, who's out sick.

Due to charges of molestation, the school board asks Mr. Garrison to take a brief hiatus. He feels hurt and lost. South Park S5 E It's picture day at South Park Elementary. Cartman is very excited because Kenny has put his parka on backwards so that his butt is where his face should be.

Cartman speaks to Mr. Mackey about his blown funny-fuse. Mackey says that it is possible for him to never laugh again. South Park S6 E Garrison is offered the position teaching the fourth grade. He then tries to come up with a way to get fired for being gay so he can sue the school for millions.

South Park S7 E The old refrigerator with Butters in it gets picked up by a dump truck and ends up in a landfill. Butters believes this to be the wake of destruction left by the meteor. When a new kid shows up in Mr.

Garrison's class with an impressive list of academic accomplishments, the boys take an immediate dislike to him. South Park S8 E Meryl cancels the boys' news show based on their low ratings and Craig's substantially higher ratings. South Park S9 E7.

Jimmy's parents find out about his "hard" times at school, and call in Dr. Perverted games to discuss erections. South Park S11 E6. Garrison exposes Xerxes as a woman, and makes her understand the power of the scissor. Les Bos is saved. South Park S12 E3. South Park S12 E5.

Garrison is removed from his teaching duties and Cartman takes his place.

Perverted games

Eric's success as a substitute teacher le to a new job opportunity. South Park S13 E Using his new video system, Cartman spells out the true nature of Wendy's intentions. Cartman holds a ing for his new book "What Happened to My School? Eric's book gains popularity, but the administration tries to shut him down. The truth comes out about Wendy, the smurfs, and the state of the school. Cartman takes over as school president, and is not too happy with the .

Perverted games

South Park S15 E4. The parents find out about the incident at school and Randy volunteers to talk to the children.

Perverted games

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