Private detective game walkthrough

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Let's get started. Chapter 1 In this first part, you have to find 10 clues in the main room and 3 in the bathroom. In the main room, click on : - the laptop mouse - the watch on the coffee table - the beer glass on that same coffee table - the base of the window all the way to the right of the room above the radiator - the blood stains in the couch - the broken bottle on the floor on the left of the room - the handle of the halfway opened door above the broken bottle in the distance. Go in the bathroom click above the bar behind the couch. Once you're there, click on : - the sink - the radiator on the right wall - and in the shower After few more clicks, you're through chapter 1 and ready for chapter 2.

Chapter 2 Talk to the hot chick and tell her this : - Got something for She sould let you access to the office. Once in the office get the only thing you have in your inventory and scan it using the scanner all the way to the left of the office. Check the timetable above the scanner. Next thing, you need to do is to get a note out of the trash standing in front of the desks. Then you want to click on the pile of files next to a cup above the ly known trash. Now you may choose a computer to seat in front of.

Dang it, you need a password to. Try any words you can see on the posters in front of private detective game walkthrough dracula, kidnapped, missing, wanted Finally in Another password is required. I can't really help you for that one. Everybody found it? Allright, let's go on. Click on the icon on the left of the screen.

Hurray, the fingerprints are a match. Click on the screen again to get back to the computer menu. Click on the second icon and search for "PM". Remember the name shown. Get back to the menu once more, and click on the last icon.

Finally, click on the folder named After one or two clicks, your boss shows up. You're gonna have to choose your words wisely otherwise you'll be put in jail. Here's what you wanna say to him : - Bad Business I shoulda trusted you guys You're done with chapter 2 Chapter 3 Talk to the old lady and ask her everytinhg. Few clicks later, you're looking for 10 other clues, please click on the following : - private detective game walkthrough agenda all the way to the right bottom of the room near what appears to look like a spleeping bag - the alarm clock on the chair - the orange piece of Next thing go to chapter 4 Chapter 4 Click, click, click, click Go speak to the nice bartendress the woman behind the bar just in case.

Once you're back on the dancefloor you need to collect 5 UV feeding-bottle kind of thing from now on, let's call it B for bottle and 10, yes I said 10, cocktail glasses I'll call them V for whatever. From the right to the left of that room there is : - 1 B on the banquette all the way to the right - 1 V standing on the top of that same banquette back - 1 V behind the right arm of Bogdan.

Oh by the way, this is Bogdan. To get that last B. Go to the toilet. Once you're there, woow another one. What a night that must had been. So where was I? Oh yeah.

Private detective game walkthrough

Once you're in the toilet, get the toilet paper next to the flush. Get the bottle of vodka next to the laps of the sleeping guy. Then click on the toilet beside door. Get the last B and put the toilet paper where it belongs to well not really, I meant in the toilet by using the toilet paper on the toilet.

Now you wanna get back to the dancefloor and go speaking to the bartendress again. Once you're back on the dancefloor go talk to the DJ the man with the headphones on you never know and tell him : - Hey, man I'm a producer Click on the bar, get the Worcester sauce bootle and go back to the dancefloor. On the bar, get the shaker and start making a bloody mary in it. Add the vodka, the tomato juice, the 10 Vs, the Worcester sauce bottle and finally the Bs.

Your cocktail is done. Bring it to the pink hair lady use the shaker on her and you're finished with chapter 4. Once the blanket in hands. Get the newspaper looking scarf right above the vodkalized hobo.

Private detective game walkthrough

Then use the blanket on the barbed wire all the way up and click on "over the barbed wire". Now look down the wall in front of you on the right of the door and pick up : - a metal pipe - a newspaper - and something blue there was a lighter inside Now you wanna use the adhesive on the old newspaper and use this new this on the door.

Use the metal pipe on it to and click on the broken window. Congratulations, you've just break in. Next thing, you go in the lower left corner to get a plastic can partly full of gas. Now kids we're gonna make a torch. To make a good torch, you'll need : - A metal pipe - a ragged scarf - a can with gas in it - and a lighter preferably orange First, use your ragged scarf on the gas can to get a ragged-scarf-used-on-a-gas-can. Now use that ragged-scarf-used-on-a-gas-can on a metal pipe. You should get one these ragged-scarf-used-on-a-gas-can-used-on-a-metal-pipe.

Use that torch and the cable on the hole under the two rusted plates on the floor in the middle.

Private detective game walkthrough

Click one more time on that hole. Then click on the electronic lock. You're looking for a four digit code. Each digit can only be a 1, a 5 or a 7 don't ask me why. So for your first try, may I suggest to enter and memorize which one or ones are in the right place. For your second try do the same with 5s. And for your last try, put 7s where there is neither 1s or 5s. I hope that's clear. After several clicks, you're done for now.

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Private detective game walkthrough

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