Reddit best android games

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Reddit's Top 25 Android Games. Below is the full top 25 list we have voted for based on the Full List of Nominees. I've also created a full video presenting this list with some descriptions and praises, as well as some Redditor quotes, for each of these games which I've linked below. Let me start by giving a big thanks to all those that helped nominate and vote these games up, and to all the devs that made such excellent games. I learned a few lessons in gathering all this data and hope to do it again in the future over sub etc with a few tweaks based on those lessons.

Without further adieu I'm on my way out of town in a couple days, but I promise I'll release the full data set for those interested we even have country data for part of it and for transparency. In the future, any list I aggregate with have the transparency released the same day. Reddit was auto-correcting my ing backwards. This is awesome work man.

Reddit best android games

I saw that too! It's nice to see that developers are acknowledging us. Here is the full transcript for those without the time or means to watch the video. This is a bit rough, and I'm sure typos exist. If you get time, check out that video, I think it's one of my better pieces of work so far. Over the generations and platforms Asphalt has become a leading competitor for racing experiences on any mobile device. Asphalt 8 stands on the shoulders of each of its predecessors and embodies the culmination of the racing greatness that came before it.

With its Burnout style gameplay blending aggressive racing and demolition enticing game mechanics, Asphalt 8 takes the 24th spot on our list and sits as the only racer in the top 25 beating out the chief rivals from both the Need for Speed and Real Racing franchises. Battleheart is a game that refuses to go quietly into the night. Now over two years old, Battleheart continues to capture the free time of Action-RPG players with it innovative touch and drag controls and cute but deadly graphic de.

Battleheart proves that solid de, polish, and controls can easily make a game timeless. Weighing in as 23, Battleheart will surely have life on Android in the foreseeable future. Spry Fox surprised quite a few players by releasing a game that somehow effectively blended Bejeweled with Sim City with their runaway success Triple Town. Bite sized sessions of puzzle based city planning have taken over devices around the world using nothing but grass, shrubs, and a 6x6 game board. As each piece merges triplicates into larger and larger buildings the initially casual and light gameplay suddenly becomes calculated and deep.

With an accommodating free model and honest unlock prices Triple Town has greeted players with open arms and players have responded by voting it The fact that Ingress is still in a Beta form and yet here it is as 21 speaks novels reddit best android games the game. Much of the allure here may also be that Ingress is not a conventional video game. More of an experiment in augmented reality players are charged with wandering the streets of the real world in order to capture portals within the game and gain ground for their faction. With a breadth of backstory, well deed interface, and innovative de, Ingress has earned a well deserved place in Reddit's top What is there to say about that isn't already known about Angry Birds?

What can easily be seen as a staple for modern mobile gaming should be no surprise to find on a top 25 list. Numerous new additions to the franchise each featuring incremental innovations bettering the gameplay have helped keep Angry Birds perched in nearly every device.

The role Rovio and Angry Birds played in making smart phone gaming a ubiquitous activity will ensure them a lasting legacy and plays a large part in Angry Birds nest at Coming in at 19 we have Kingdom Rush. When it comes to tower defense games there is very little innovation within the genre. Through a dynamic upgrade system, polished gameplay, and heavily balanced level de Kingdom Rush was able to not only keep up, but thrive against the competition. With its straightforward purchase price, and diverse tower upgrade paths, and unwavering dedication to tower defense basics, Kingdom Rush has kept the Tower Defense genre interesting.

This year there has been a wave of minimalistic games to show up on Android. Out in front has been the simple puzzler Dots. Though the gameplay mechanic of matching colors of 2 or more dots is a familiar, creating squares of dots for combos adds an reddit best android games spin to a stock formula.

There are also a of upgrades available within the game to allow players to push their scores to legendary levels, possibly even etching their name in halls of Dots history on the scoreboard. The addictive gameplay, simple interface, and substantially reasonable price of free places Dots as 18 of the Top 25 games on Android.

Reddit best android games

Few tower defense games come even close to the depth of the tower upgrades Bloons TD 5 contains. The customizations are so numerous there are virtually infinite ways to approach each stage. To add further depth Bloons comes equipped with over 30 levels spanning three difficulties. Surely Bloons has any other mainstream tower defense game trumped in terms of sheer size.

Being part of the most recent Humble Bundle for Android makes Bloons TD 5 a game with no excuse to miss, and 17 of the top 25 games on Android.

Reddit best android games

Butterscotch Shenanigans has quickly risen from unknown developer to face melting amorphous awesomeness. First by launching Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny which was both critically and player acclaimed, but more recently Quadropus Ram. This friendly gesture has not gone unnoticed by the broader player base and Quadropus Ram has inked its way to Jetpack Joyride has overshadowed the ninja and his fruit coming in at It should be mentioned that the jetpack piece of the title should be loosely held.

Our hero in this case holds everything from a mini gun to a guitar strapped to his back which simultaneously keeps him afloat and annihilates anything below. A of upgrade armor suits and vehicles maintain maximum levels of awesome throughout each of your joyrides. With a of purchasable upgrade items and simple one button controls, Jetpack Joyride is a staple in casual destruction. While many of the game mechanics may prove to be somewhat standard, the tale, and protagonist if you can reddit best android games him that are far from conventional.

Our anti-hero is far too preoccupied with women and alcohol to accomplish any task of benevolence. Immersion is not usually a factor heavily considered with puzzle games. Then again, our 13, The Room, is not a typical puzzle game. You find yourself in a room in which an enigmatic box sits in front of you. Through a of riddles, levers, buttons, gears and gizmos you must make your way to the core of the box. Fueled by curiosity and the titillating bits of story that are slowly unraveled The Room is a game that gets better for every second you play. Peeling away layer after layer of the mysterious device through every unique challenge is a remarkably rewarding experience that blossoms to full blown obsession.

Proceed cautiously with this perplexing labyrinth of alluring secrets, its suspiciously welcoming your attention. Equipped with a bewilderingly alluring pixel art graphic style and a soundtrack capable of the firm captivation, players have gotten lost time and time again in a world that attempts to blur the lines of fantasy and reality.

Grand Theft Auto has enjoyed over a decade of mass market appeal with their consoles titles, so it comes as no surprise that one of the most beloved of those titles, Vice City, steals spot nine in the Top 25 Android games. Our so called protagonist is a gangster that is placed in an open city and given various objectives and missions to rob, murder, and con his way to the top of the food chain of infamy.

Aside from the controls little has changed from the original release, making a game that by comparison to its peers, contains an immense amount of content for the price. Miniclip takes simulation games into interesting and unfamiliar territory with its disease creating game Plague Inc.

Finally malevolent gamers that want nothing but to watch the world burn can do so through careful genetic mutations of their cultivated organisms. This deep system of customization and unorthodox subject matter make Plague Inc a intriguing and satisfying experience taking the player down unfamiliar territory. This awe-inspiring level of customization paired with the polished details allow Plague Inc.

All the familiar elements are included from digging your way into the bowels of your world, exploring a multitude of biomes, and building massive castles to harbor your reddit best android games. Few mobile games of any genre offer the level of sheer depth that Terraria does.

Reddit best android games

From the crafting and combat systems, to the bosses and world changing events that takes place, Terraria has created a place for itself as nine of the top Android games. Wielding nothing but pen, paper and a twelve sided die you set out on a fictional quest inside a fictional story complete with charming pixel art graphics and chip tunes sound effects. Though the story does sag slightly in the center, as the plot unfolds the story bubbles up to Inception level events and the overall effect is satisfying for any adventurer willing to undergo the quest.

The dog eat dog de places the player in control of an organism with a simple set of rules. Anything smaller than you is food to consume, anything larger than you is a predator looking to assimilate you.

Reddit best android games Reddit best android games

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