Soldiers life game

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Soldiers life game

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Soldiers life game

Soldier's soldiers life game Completed. Thread starter pyorgara Start date Jan 22, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jan 13, 64 2 Hey everyone! All events, battles and functionality had been added. The plot: You play as Payton, a captain in one of the armies tasked with destroying the ever growing hordes of monsters.

You serve under Colonel Vanora, a powerful fighter and cunning strategist but known far and wide as an ice queen that sees her soldiers as s, not humans. With a quirk of fate, you find yourself promoted over her and now have the power to make her pay for everything she's done. Sexually, of course. Spoiler - 8 new scenes. Last edited: Nov 11, Tinman Well-Known Member.

Aug 30, Glad to see you're making another game. And that you've distinguished your art style a little more from Akabur's. Just looking at it, it's a lot clearer this time that this is a game you made and not just an alternate version of Princess Trainer.

Dragon Well-Known Member. Mar 7, So I played it its definitely a step forward from "corrupting the priestess", but trying to get money to train is annoying. Like seriously, after a while I literally just put everyone in my infantry and only searched the first area, because everything beyond that just destroyed every any combo I used. Not to mention when my rep fell to 4, I couldn't get it back up. The one thing I would like to see because the way the game is written so far it felt like it could have done this at any point up until I got Vanora who I love by the way to self-worth.

I kinda of would like to see a split based on how you trained her if you did more solo or more shared. I was hoping there was a rut that eventually made them a couple. I loved how she would still dominate others that weren't the mc. Anyways nice work. Gundam Member. Aug 4, 11 0. Edit: Playing right now, definitely needs a last action recall option because it's partly annoying to keep using archers to pin down the harpies each and every turn.

Tinman said:. Click to expand Dragon said:. Gundam said:. Glad you're enjoying Vanora! There's 3 endings planned right now so there will be a difference based on your actions when the game is done. Nuan Soldiers life game Member. May 8, 2 0.

Soldiers life game

Really enjoyed playing the game. Especially the interactions with Vanora and her finding ways to resist. The whole part outside the city tends to get a bit tedious though - too much grinding reputation and money, though I usualy got a lot even with spending most of it for rep.

Soldiers life game

At some point I just stopped once i hit max reputation, and just did a couple of fights to get actions, reset anger and get a bit of money, usually spending 1 rep on upgrade tokens beforehand and getting that 1 rep back. More events, especially involving Venora might help there - since the whole goal is to 'train' her.

Escpecially visiting the soldiers life game region didn't feel very rewarding - even with max upgrades, you can still get crushed, so getting money and reputation was faster in the second region. I have literally never said this about any of these "trainer games" I do hope one of them is a romance route. I'd love to see how her character has to deal with the idea of falling in love!

Nuan said:. I'll not say anything for spoiler reasons but I'm glad you like Vanora enough to want to see her various reactions. I do get the "too grindy" argument pretty often. I am still writing more scenes for the sorties. There will actually be a bunch of new ones it next month's patreon build. At the end of the development process, there will be tons of things going on out there to make it more fun for you guys.

Soldiers life game

My problem isn't the grind per say, its the fact that with each level i game in the stats, the train gives out less and less. Like I got my fighting to 7 it was the first stat i even focused on and I don't even want to try and raise it any higher. I got war and persuasion to 5 and do how little I'm getting out in return, I am sitting here with 25, in funds and dreading trying to train my stats any further. KingOfHate Member. Jan 28, 10 3 Trying out this, I was unable to get it to open at all, I am on mac.

Hoboy Well-Known Member. Mar 31, KingOfHate said:. I am using chrome to download it, it just tells me "this application cannot be opened". I am running OS X Sierra. I would love to help you more but I don't know all that much about macs. It really seems random if it's going to work or not. No worries, ill just wait for the next update and see if it works then. A new public build of Soldier's life is out for your playing pleasure! The link is in the OP along with what changed since the last release. Lots of new contents and art! I can't wait to give it a try. Soldiers life game Member.

Oct 21, 9 0. How do you turn off controller input in unity? Pedantic said:. LB12 New Member. Jul 11, 2 0 Really good game, just a really hard for me. I keep making wrong decisions. LB12 said:. Ethereal Dragon Well-Known Member.

Aug 28, 2, Wrong decisions? What do you mean? Ethereal Dragon said:. Probably means the wrong choice selections. Exactly what Ethereal Dragon said.

Soldiers life game

I am trying to reduce her self worth and reputation but I the only think that I am reducing is my reputation because keep choosing wrong actions in town and on battlefield. Jan 19, 1 0. Pyorgara, I think from a game de perspective, there's an extremely sharp curve RNG wise for a beginner. No matter what choices they pick, a starting character has a low chance to win fights, low chance to persuade, and certain enemies in the starting zone will crush the main army in a single blow unless they devote 4 troops to infantry immediately.

Beginners will likely get knocked down to 4 rep immediately, and stay there. Their persuasion also isn't high enough to avoid difficult frenemy colonel challenges, the crystal obelisk deletes skill as often as grants it.

Soldiers life game

There's just a lot of things working against a new player until they get their fight skill up to 4, where they can reliably win challenge battle to raise their rep and have enough troops to steamroll zone 1. After that, the game seems pretty easy mode and grindy. Just my 2 cents. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Soldiers life game

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