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As we venture further into the 21st century it seems our digital entertainment is getting better by the second. The latest iPhone may only be the latest for a week as the wheel of progress turns. New digital products arrive on the shelves of stores daily and it can be hard for one to keep up. The same can be said for the latest video games as the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred with each release.

Games are now treated like blockbuster films and some even get their own Hollywood cast. The latest games have graphics that can be super realistic and indistinguishable from photo realism. With these Hollywood type gimmicks, video games have introduced some female characters which bring out very real feelings in the hearts of male gamers. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of ten female game characters which I personally find attractive. I've tried to keep it to one female character per series and I've chosen a cosplayer to represent stated characters and bring them to life.

In no particular order here are ten video game characters who you would go to bed with! An obvious choice as she has a maturity that most sexy video game characters lack. Bayonetta is the product of some quality work by Sega which introduced us to a witch with fighting skills.

She utilises video game milfs and kicks as well as a pair of pistols in her hands and attached to her heels. So it's probably best not to piss her off as she is more than capable in a fight. The personality of the character her self is flirtatious but cold and ruthless.

She'll flirt with a demon of heaven before ruthless beating it to video game milfs and casting it to Hell. As you can imagine she's not exactly a nice character; she's contracted by Hell as a hitwoman. This actually makes her even more attractive and she often casts spells which leave her half naked. You might be able to sleep with her but don't expect a long time commitment or full health afterwards.

Video game milfs

It's a fact that men like 'bad women' and they don't come must badder than a special force's soldier turned international terrorist. Sniper Wolf from 's PlayStation hit was etched into the minds of gamers after concept art of her semi-naked came out. Our fantasies were pretty much confirmed when better animation of her was released for the Gamecube game The Twin Snakes.

Sniper Wolf is a sharpshooter for the special forces group Fox-Hound who turn rogue and hold a 'Nuclear Weapons Disposal Facility' hostage. An absolute lunatic, she falls in love with her targets before she kills them, likes wolves and is generally pretty aggressive.

Be careful with this one as after she sleeps with you she might blow your head off! Triss is the type of witch you could take home to meet your mother. A much nicer character this time who tends to stay on the good side of the law when she can help it.

Triss Merrigold is a sorceress in The Witcher series and can be chosen as main character Geralt's squeeze if you so wish. Formerly an adviser to one of the Kings; Triss is more 'fight if she has to' type of combatant. She is a kind of bodyguard to King Foltest out of necessity rather than animosity. Foltest is a tyrant but to live in his kingdom Triss must co-operate with the promiscuous king. To his credit Foltest intends to let Triss leave with Geralt after their attack on his former spouses kingdom is through.

With her naive American accent and friendly personality it's hard not to like Triss. Add to the fact she's a bit wild and decides to have sex with Geralt in the middle of an elven tomb and you can see why she's popular with gamers. The nudity doesn't stop there either as she consistently gets naked throughout The Witcher 2. After helping the protagonist takeover Steelport in Video game milfs Row 2fame and fortune get the better of Shaundi in the next game.

She turns into gangster bitch with her own reality show Sleeping with Shaundi. This doesn't stop her 'gang banging' though and at the beginning of the third game she's on a bank heist with you, Johnny Gat and TV star Josh Birk. The loss of one of The Saint's members is enough to make Shaundi shoot anyone in her path. Definitely a 'bad girl,' Shaundi's cruel to her fans and will shoot her enemies without a second thought. She's also video game milfs too choosy who she sleeps with and goes to bed with a lot of men.

Not the type of woman you can expect a long term relationship with. I couldn't make a list without including Lara Croft as she pretty much started the 'video game pin up. A millionaire who was orphaned at a young age; Lara is an archaeologist on par with Indian Jones.

She travels the world looking for mysterious artefacts and usually encounters supernatural enemies for her trouble. The fantasy came about due to the tight vest and hot pants the character wore in the video game. Usually passive, Lara doesn't intend to attack first but is armed with two pistols should she be assaulted. Not easily romanced I don't think I've ever seen her 'hook up' in the gaming world. Don't expect to seduce her unless you're the adventurous type with something to offer.

Miranda was the first female character in the Mass Effect universe to make us say wow! During my first play through of Mass Effect 2 I actually messed up my relationship with Miranda. A self-righteous soldier for humanity; Miranda is a genetically modified video game milfs serving on a Cerberus space vessel over years from now. Everything was altered to give her an advantage over her competition.

She has superior intelligence, physicality, marksmanship and looks against the average human being. Arrogant and cocky she'd be a hard target to seduce. While playing Mass Effect 2 it becomes apparent that even beef cake soldier Jacob wasn't even able to keep her happy in a relationship. Ruthless on the battlefield, it might actually be a good idea to stay away from this 'femme de fatale. A bit too easy to seduce; it appears Morrigan has other motives for your affections. Dragon Age is brutally dark RPG game which in turn has an even darker seduction.

In this fantasy world of Elves, Dwarves and Darkspawn you can choose to seduce the members of your band of combatants. Personally the one I found most appealing was 'Morrigan' but it appears her charm is less sincere. The question beckons will you be willing to go through with what she asks in order to win her affections. This includes murdering her mother as well as agreeing to sleep with her and never seeing her again afterwards. It becomes clear that not all is as it seems with this sorceress of the woods and makes gamers ask many moral questions of themselves.

Video game milfs

Well it's only make believe guys, this is one mistake you can live for the rest of your lives. Quistis provide Squall with some one on one battle tutoring in Final Fantasy 8. While being a student in a school for mercenaries in the Final Fantasy world; you're tutored by this delicious red head. Armed with a whip; she's a member of your party while you battle a variety of monsters, demons and sorceresses. Yet before you embark on this adventure with her you have to learn this sort of thing in the classroom with her. It's revealed in the game that she thought she had feelings for the character you play as called Squall.

Video game milfs

Personally I would have chosen her over Squall's choice of Rinoa but then video game milfs I have a thing for teachers. The friendly type; definitely someone who could meet the family. Ayane is a ninja assassin in Tecmo's 'beat 'em up' Dead or Alive. Not many 'home makers' in this list as we have another bad girl who is deliciously sexy. This time it's martial artist and ninja assassin Ayane from the Dead or Alive fighting game. A master of Ninjitsu and with distinct purple hair; it's clear she stands out from the other female characters in the game.

Don't expect to play nice with her though as she is incredibly cold and ruthless. She's actually responsible for assassinating Helena's mother in the game. Not someone you really want to get on the wrong side of; her social life is a bit of a mystery. Be cautious on a date with her; she's likely to strangle you with fibre wire afterwards.

In the video game milfs game she wears an unflattering police uniform but in the third she wears the sexy garb above! After fighting hordes of zombies in Raccoon City and encountering super mutant tyrants you're going to have to really excite this girl. Although she will have a 'protect and serve' attitude that will definitely make you friends; don't expect that to make you lovers. She needs someone who is going to get her heart racing; a man of action. Can you be that hero who wins her heart? So there's ten video game characters I would sleep with and I'm sure you may like some from my list too.

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Video game milfs

Okay I love 'God of War' games. I have beaten all the main games, but honestly I only own at the moment. Also I cannot wait for the 'GOW' reboot coming this year in The idea of computer game VR has been around for quite few years, be that because it's going toup to this point, even the only VR heets weren't entirely available to shoppers from either an expense or simple use angle.

Presently, in any case, heets are getting less hooked into outer equipment, and engineers are video game milfs first-party games that exploit the medium. Fans of about each genre have amazing options and can discover at any rate a couple of of games of enthusiasm for our gathering. So every FPS first-person shooter gamer has experienced death in their normal everyday video game, but how do you stop that death ratio from going up?

It's easy! The secret to this is to focus. Okay, maybe that's not much of a secret, but it helps. Focus and timing is key to surviving, whether you are being bombarded by hordes of zombies or just your average hardcore opponents. Triss Merrigold even appeared as a model for Playboy before the launch of The Witcher 2.

Triss Merrigold 'The Witcher' series Triss is the type of witch you could take home to meet your mother. Morrigan 'Dragon Age: Origins' A bit too easy to seduce; it appears Morrigan has other motives for your affections. RJ Roy Jones. Read next: Pitch Ya Game Round 2. Roy Jones. How to Gamers Make Money Online. Umar Abbasi. Matthew Sullivan. Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Game Review. Amazing VR Games list In Vincent Tyminski.

Video game milfs

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