Whoreizon game

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Enjoy and leave your feedback, please! It really helps me! I don't think the graphics needs to be improved further current graphics is enough for me. What I would suggest however, is that try to focus on adding more to the gameplay:. More choices 2. More situations you can get into In short: More things to see!

Whoreizon game

I like it so far. The camera controls are really weird but otherwise it looks nice. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this but it seems like you don't want her leaving the locker room naked but if you don't advance the text box it gives you when you try to leave the locker room you can move past the door and back into the gym area while completely naked. Author Comments. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer ! Sort By: Date Score. I couldn't see anything; text box was in the way.

Whoreizon game

Your games are whoreizon game bit difficult to control. Especially with the inverted vertical camera. What I would suggest however, is that try to focus on adding more to the gameplay: 1. Once those are done, then you can focus on making it an eye candy.

Good luck! Whoreizon responds: So sweet!! Whoreizon responds: Oh, thank you for your feedback! Views 43, Faves: Votes Score 3. Whoreizon: Body Morph Demo by Whoreizon. Whoreizon: Interview by Whoreizon. Here is a new release of the Whoreizon Game! A job interview in LewdRobotics!

Whoreizon: Alpha v 0. In this game you try to build up relationships and fuck three girls within days. Nokkorone i worked on this neat thing :.

Whoreizon game

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Whoreizon game Whoreizon game

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