Your new life game

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Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make this dream a reality! Your stepmom has given you an ultimatum; you must find a girlfriend and move out of her house within 30 days, or else face the consequences! Your potential love interests include Mari, a babysitter and college student hired by your stepmom; Shawna, your domineering, no-nonsense boss; and Alexis, a personal trainer from your local gym. All three women have their own ideas about what to do with you and dating is the last thing on their minds Your New Life is a dating simulator.

We wanted to make a dating sim featuring the kind of adult content we liked to see and create, so Your New Life is all about female domination and different fetishes. It features:. Be aware that most browsers are dropping support for Flash in Decemberat least by default. Although I'm sure Newgrounds will be fine, downloading the game will save you from any issues that might crop up. With that in mind, I recommend using the Newgrounds Player instead:. This game contains frank sexual terminology and depictions of various fetishes, including forced infantilism, female domination, small penis humiliation, forced feminisation and petplay.

Actions involving ejaculation are your new life game written about openly. You're welcome to play the game but please respect other people's interests and be aware of the game's content if you object to these acts being featured.

Your new life game

It's a femdom humiliation game you absolute cretins, I can't believe how many reviews are complaining about this. Oh no! I played a game that explicitly includes things I hate! Now I'm angry! How could this happen to me??? I do have friends who are hard into this. Just not my cup of tea either. One thing is for sure, this is honestly a well made game. Though some parts are repetitive. I'd say have more characters and alternate fetishes.

Maybe a seperate big game incorporating every single fetish known to man. Great game, questionable porn choice. Still a game worth playing for experience rather than enjoyment. Game: tries to humiliate main character and make fun of him. Oh no, I'm so afraid to end up on the street while grossing at 72k annualy! Sorry for voting before playing the game "properly". Character art looks great so far, but only 4 endings and lack of features gym is only a background with no functionality strikes not so high among the competition.

Your New Life Share Collapse. Author Comments. It features: 21 high quality CG images. Amazing looking artwork throughout, from backgrounds to sexy-pin ups for each your new life game interest. See how each love interest responds to you while you wear them! Lots of humiliating dialogue. If you do not own a standalone version of Flash player : Go to the Adobe Flash Player and download one. The one you're looking for is "Download the Flash Player projector". It has different sections for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Your new life game

Go to this and follow the instructions to download and install the Newgrounds Flash Player. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer ! Sort By: Date Score. Please make a second part soon!! Just not my cup of tea either, One thing is for sure, this is honestly a well made game. Views 23, Faves: Votes Score 2. Tags abdl adult dating dating-sim femdom fetish flash xxx.

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Your new life game

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Your new life game

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Your New Life